Author: Jason Dutton-Smith

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5 ways to experience the colors of Australia’s Uluru

Visitors from around the globe travel to admire Australia’s most famous natural sculpture and many are surprised to discover just how...

Mountains of Alberta 1280

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10 reasons to visit Canada

Boasting 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the longest ski season in the world and some of the most spectacular natural wonders on the...

The Butchart Gardens 1280

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Canada’s stunning Butchart Gardens

Determined to resurrect her barren ‘back-yard’, one tenacious woman set about a beautification project that now has to be seen to be...

Scenic Europe river 1280

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Cruising Europe’s scenic waterways

There’s so much to love about a European river cruise. It’s the type of holiday that forces you to slow down, relax, enjoy the company,...

Paris cafe life

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Best food streets of Paris

If there’s a way you can possibly do it, try and live in Paris as a local just once in your life. Short term apartment rentals are a...

Mexico City

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A first-timer’s guide to Mexico City

Mexico City is vibrant, cultured and utterly inspiring metropolis. Writer Todd Sturm gives us an in-depth guide for first-timers to this...

Hana, Hawaii 1280

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Hawaii in all seasons

Hawaii is a perfect vacation destination year-round. But some months are even more perfect in particular parts of the islands. Writer John...

Faye and Richard going for dinner at top of the Eiffel Tower 1280

Just Returned

Just Returned – Paris & London

Mature Travel readers share their reviews of recent vacations – read our conversation with Faye and Richard from Tennessee who just...

Sagrada Familia 1280

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Churches you have to see

Regardless of personal faith, visiting the world’s great churches is high on most travel to-do lists.  The stirring stroll through St...

The Ghan, Australia.

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Luxury train journeys around the world

If the journey should be every bit as enjoyable as the destination, then what could be more appealing than a luxury rail journey....